Watson Reynolds was founded in 2015, a search firm that combines executive search expertise with gender & ethnically diverse career management. These two services ensure our clients surpass their senior leadership diversity goals.

Watson Reynolds became the first executive search firm in the UK to introduce mandatory 50/50 gender-balanced shortlists for all board-level searches.

In 2018 Watson Reynolds began to pipeline and offer free-of-charge world-class career management to women and ethnically diverse leaders. This significantly strengthened and diversified our existing network.

Our mission is to continue to build a diverse, powerful network & community of in-demand digital tech leaders and to become an essential supplier to any company wishing to secure hard-to-find talent.

Today we are proud to continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients, ensuring we supply a consistent balance of quality and diversity.


We work within the main markets for digital talent as well as working cross sectors for senior digital leaders.

ESG & Sustainability

Advisory consultants for adoption and integration of technology across all areas of the sustainable value chain

Positions we hire: Managing Partner, Partner, Director


Implementing business strategy across various digital fields such data, analytics, AI, IA & RPA

Positions we hire: Partner / MD, Director, CDO/CIO/CTO, SVP/VP Digital Transformation

CRB (corporate risk & broking)

We help our clients find consulting partners who identify and quantify the risks facing their clients businesses,

who then develop strategies and solutions to manage that exposure.

Positions we hire: Managing Partner, Partner


Covering area such as digital transformation of systems and process, HR leadership advisory and future HR


Positions: Partner, Associate / Director


Robotics and automation are transforming the efficiency of every organisational function to improve workloads requiring skilled developers and engineers.

Positions: CDO/CIO/CTO, SVP / VP,  Director

It is accepted globally that board and leadership teams with a balanced gender and ethnically diverse composition outperform those that don’t. Watson Reynolds provides high-quality shortlists with a fair gender and ethnically diverse representation. We do this through a robust search process and our unique partner relationship-driven approach to diverse leadership talent attraction. As well as assignment-specific searches we are career advisors to digital transformation leaders. Over 45% are from historically underrepresented groups. This improves our efficiency when delivering a comprehensively diverse shortlist for your open leadership positions.


% of leadership hires are ethnic diverse

Against 16% industry average for the UK


Women Boardroom Hires

26.7% digital board average for the UK.


Client Satisfaction

% of C-Level and HR & leaders whose expectations were surpassed.


We are a dynamic Executive Search firm with an outstanding track record placing key leaders within digital markets.

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